Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Oasis!

Greetings Residents!

Here at Bel Aire every apartment comes with their very own patio or balcony! Don’t let that outdoor space go to waste!

There is so much you can do to turn that space into your own outdoor oasis!

Sometimes it seems difficult to look at a blank space and imagine yourself sitting in lounge chairs, reading your favorite book while also tending to your small garden, but it is all very possible if you have the right inspirations!

Click on this link for great ideas on how to decorate your outdoor apartment space with chairs, rugs, lighting and more! – http://balconygardenweb.com/apartment-balcony-decorating-ideas/

A small outdoor garden can be just what you need for an easy decoration, fresh herbs in your home cooked meals and bug repellent, that’s right, BUG REPELLENT! Let’s be honest folks, living in Florida is amazing! From the amazing beaches, outdoor activities and great weather year round, but some could argue that mosquitos are really the state bird! But did you know that some herbs and plants can repel these annoying bugs and let you truly enjoy your Outdoor Oasis!

This article tells you all of those plants and what bugs they keep away! http://theindianspot.com/plants-that-keep-bugs-away/

Have you heard of this new succulents plant craze? There plants are so beautiful and come in so many varieties they are great for any indoor or outdoor space! They will add that pop of color to your patio/balcony and are very low maintenance! Here is a link to get you started! http://www.faithfoodfamilyfun.com/how-to-grow-succulents/


We hope all of these ideas help and we can’t wait to see what beautiful oasis you create!