Loose Leash Walking Seminar

Having a bit of issues with your doggie on your usual walks?

Come and have a lovely day at the park. Bring your toughest puller, lunger, jumper and all around naughty walker and let’s change that! Infinity Pets & Company LLC will be hosting our popular loose leash walking seminar to the public. We are proud to say that people stumble in, but walk out walking right! We will be working on loose leash walking and relationship building skills with our dogs. The location is at a beautiful park surrounded by real life distractions.

Seminar is $5 for those that pre-register and $10 for those “at the door”

Accepted payment methods at the event will be PayPal, Venmo or Cash.
* Dogs must be at least 6 months of age
* Dogs must be fully vaccinated
* Dogs may not interact with other dogs during the class