Local restaurant owned by celebrity chef

If you’ve ever watched a daytime TV cooking show – ever –  you’ve probably heard of Emeril Lagasse. He is an award winning celebrity chef, TV personality, and author of several cook books. The chopping, sizzling, and bubbling – you’ve probably caught yourself drooling (more than once) while watching his TV shows filled with the most savory recipes imaginable. Have you dreamed of tasting some of that food fresh off the skillet? NOW. YOU. CAN.

Emeril’s Coastal Italian, located just 38 miles away from Bel Aire Terrace, is the foodie heaven of restaurants. Rich pasta dishes, mouthwatering steaks, delectable desserts – this is a tantalizing taste bud experience you won’t want to miss. Check out the menu here.

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Who knows, you may even run into Emeril himself!