Beyond the Leash Part 1: Guinea Pigs

In this entry and a few others to follow, we will explore the appeal of owning various types of pets. Sorry pups, we certainly love you, but we want to shed some light on some of our more exotic and often forgotten furry, scaley, and feathered friends! In this entry we are going to be looking at guniea pigs!

Is a Guinea Pig right for you?

Guniea Pigs have a lot of appealing qualities about them! They are hugely intimate companions. Once a guinea pig decides you are it’s human, there’s no going back! Guinea pigs are also highly social creatures and do very well in groups of their own kind. The more the merrier!

To determine if these fuzzy friends are a match for you, you’ll want to first consider possible allergies. Just like cats a dogs, people can be allergic to guinea pigs! Not only that but the hay and wood shaving that you may give them to live in might also be a potential allergen! Test the waters by visiting a household that has one or spend time handling adoptable guinea pigs at your local humane society—you might meet your new best friend in the process!

How much time do you have on your hands? Guinea Pigs will need good amounts of time doing things outside their cages. From free roaming, cuddling with their owners to playing with their fellow guinea pigs, daily interaction and attention are essential for a guinea pig’s well-being.

And finally, you’ll want to consider your budget! Guinea pigs require more than just our love and affection. You’ll find yourself investing in things like:

  • Large cage or enclosure.
  • Bedding material. Paper bedding is better than wood, as wood shavings can give off volatile compounds—especially when dirty—It can cause respiratory and foot problems.
  • A small box for hiding.
  • Food dish.
  • Water bottle. 
  • High-quality pellets or Timothy hay
  • Toys, etc.

Where should you buy a Guinea Pig?

If you’ve determined that you’d like to own your own, then you can start looking in your local pet store to purchase one or consider adopting one! Most shelters accept small animals who need new homes so don’t over look them!


We hope you feel more informed and confident in your consideration, if you have made it this far! We love our pets at Bel Aire and we welcome diversity of every kind!
In summary, guinea pigs are cuddly, social,a and exotic animals that will make for a wonderful companion, provided you make the proper time and monetary investments!