The Fundamentals of Furnishing – Part 1: Patio

Living in an apartment can be an exciting experience! Some people find it challenging, however, to utilize a smaller space when it comes to furniture. In this series of blogs, we are going to explore some of the fundamentals of furnishing your apartment so you can feel comfortable in the space you live while still making it your own. We are going to start with an often overlooked part of the home: the patio! Patios/balconies in apartments are often times the only for of personal outdoor space a resident has! If there isn’t enough space for your run-of-the-mill table and chair set, it can be a bit daunting & discouraging when trying to decorate. But we feel that with just a few tips and spatial considerations, you can make a beautiful patio set up that will precede the look & feel of your interior!

Style & Theme

When it comes to home decorating in general, consistency is key! It is no different for your patio! Taking time to consider the kind of theme you want to make your patio will determine all the other elements involved. If you are looking for a Parisian café setup, then dark, metallic, vintage looking dinette set might suit the look best! Brighter colors, with more rustic fabric might give a more nautical/ tropical look! Overall, the theme you desire will narrow down your search to a few key items that make up the bulk of that theme. Don’t settle for a haphazard look but make sure it is cohesive!

Color & Texture

After you’ve determined your style, choosing an ideal color scheme will make the space comprehensive and pleasing to the eye. Textures are also a huge portion of the overall aesthetic. For the most consistency, make sure the color is agreeing with the theme. The seating you purchase, if it is more than one piece, should be the same color and made of the same fabric. They can be as simple or unique as you like, just make sure they match! If you plan on having a table, you’ll want it to be a neutral color or shade to ensure it doesn’t clash with your chairs. Materials such as wood, however, will still go well with earth tone colors such as taupe and sand, as well as some shades of green & blue. If metal is your thing, Industrial shades of black, and gunmetal will go with many color pallets and will fit a rustic theme nicely.

Greenery & Accessories

Now that you have an overall theme fitted with a cohesive color pallet, you can focus on add-ons like greenery and accessories. It’s important to consider if you look even needs any to begin with. A unnecessarily placed plant or out of place frame or stand will make the overall look of the setup off-putting. The Parisian café look we mentioned earlier would look good with a medium to large plant on one side with a small metallic Eiffel tower on the table for instance. A more modern setup might have a few small succulents in a metal tray on the table or a small fern in a minimalistic vase next to one of the chairs. When it comes to greenery less is more. If you are someone who likes a lot of greenery, consider consolidating it to a different section of your patio so that the spaces are clearly defined!


Finally, let’s talk about lights. Lights create an atmosphere for your patio should you choose to utilize it at night time! But not all lights are made equal. Having the right light is key, therefore some research may need to be done in this area. Smaller string lights that hang overhead will give a more whimsical, starry night feeling, while larger Edison type bulbs give more of a city vibe! Avoid using indoor lamps as they not only can be vulnerable to inclimate weather, and avoid using Christmas lights for any other time other than the holidays! Lastly, ensure that the means by which you hang them is considered and as seamless as you can make it!

It needless to say we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are many more elements to a pati one could explore, but we’ve decided to keep to basics simply because when furnishing an apartment, a furniture set up that is greater than the sum of it’s parts is what will make the best use of the space given! Although we have given many suggestions here today, we believe that it is within your ability to make your apartment home your very own. Always remember, however, that consistency is key and that as long as the look agrees you can make it as wholly you as you’d like! A patio is a sometimes the only part of someone’s home that is seen, therefore its important not to overlook it’s. We certainly hope this overview along with it’s tips proves helpful to you for current or future projects