Make Your Bed Like a Pro!

We each lead busy lives one way or another. Whether it be a long commute, a deadline to meet, or just needing to give your full attention to your business, kids, pets, etc.! Throughout each day we are all bombarded with tasks and work that we have very little control over. Therefore, it’s essential that we lean to keep the things we can control in check in order for our minds to find ease in the consistency of it. In this entry we want to give you some great pointers on how you can make your bed like a pro! Despite our days being filled with work, coming home to a well made bed can make a world of difference and can be just what you need when the rest of life is chaotic! So let’s dive in:

First, Lets Talk Fabric!

Everybody has a fabric preference and budget, even if they don’t know it yet. If you’re someone who wants to invest in a great night sleep, then you’ll want to invest in quality fabrics! You might enjoy cotton/polyester blend, silk, or wool, but our recommendations are 100% Egyptian or Pima Cotton! Don’t focus so much on thread counts, though, just buy what is most comfortable to you!

Get Those Luxury Hotel Feels!

In order to make your bed like a pro, and get that luxury resort style bed in your very own home, you’re going to need the following:

  • Mattress Pad w/ Elastic Edging
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Top sheet (click here for more info!)
  • Pillow Casing (for your sleeping pillows)
  • Blanket (Depending on the season it can be either light or heavy)
  • Quilt or Comforter (a duvet works well too)
  • Standard Pillow Shams
  • European Pillow Shams (click here for more info!)(optional)
  • And lastly, accent pillows!! (again, optional, but we love lots of pillows!)

Now, Let’s Make Magic Happen!

Let’s build our bed, layer by layer, bottom to top!

  1. Start with your Mattress Cover

    We believe a comfy foundation is essential for a great, luxurious bed!
    It should feel as good as it looks!

  2. The Fitted Sheet

    Right over the cover for a uniform look! Most bed sets will come with one and it’s a must, just get someone to help you on the other side unless you are looking for a workout.

  3. Time for the Top Sheet

    You’ll want all sides to be evenly laying over the edges of the bed with any decorative ends toward the head of the bed facing downward (more on that in a second).

  4. Quilt & Blanket

    A layer of warmth for those cold nights! Make sure it’s even on all sides of the bed by lining it up with your top sheet. Then fold the head of the quilt and the top sheet! over for a professional, inviting look! Any decorative top sheet designs will now be visible!

  5. Tuck & Tighten

    Now this part it tricky, but you’ll want to tuck all the sides underneath the mattress as best your can and tuck the corners in like you’re wrapping a present. This is what’s called a hospital fold and you can find out how to make one here!

  6. Add the Comforter or Duvet

    Make sure that it’s equal on all sides then fold the whole thing in half to give you an extra layer of looks and the option to pull it over you for added warmth. No need to tuck it in.

  7. (optional) Add a Throw!

    For more looks and layering, lay a throw blanket across the bottom of the bed, over the quilt. It should match the overall color pallet of your sheets or accent pillows.

  8. Lastly, Pillows!!

    There are so many configurations to choose from, but we like it like this:
    Standard pillows in shams go up against the headboard.
    European pillows in shams are next.
    Next, your sleeping pillows.
    Then, your accent pillows to finish the look!

We hope this step-by-step guide has been helpful. We believe that the right amount of effort and investment can take something as simple as a bed from rags to rad! When the rest of life feels out of control, coming home to a made bed can make all the difference by promoting a peaceful mind and the anticipation to come home to something inviting & comfy!