Fundamentals of Furnishing – Part 2: Living Room

Welcome to the second part of our fundamentals of furnishing series! if you haven’t already read it, please click here to read part one where we talk all about patios! In this entry we ae going to be talking about the Living Room! Possibly one of the most taunting task home décor enthusiasts such as you & I have! Why? Because it’s where everybody who comes into your home, including you, sees right from the get-go! Walking into a clean, well thought out living/family room can be a breath of fresh air after a long day out. Those who aim to have a well furnished living room will benefit from having their home become a place of personal peace and belonging. That may sound cliché at first, but we encourage you to imagine these benefits for your own self in the space you first see, smell, and live life in! Let’s talk about the living room!

Style & Theme

Much like last entry’s starting point. we want to first lock down a theme to your living room before making any moves at purchasing. Aesthetically speaking, it’s important that there is a cohesiveness to the room so your eyes can settle easily on the space. Determine if you’re you want a lighter or darker theme. This will influence your theme and colors. Interior designs like rustic, industrial, and mid-century modern will follow more of a darker theme, while nautical, farmhouse, bohemian (BOHO), and Scandinavian design styles will be lighter! Also, consider the color of your floors, do you have carpet, or do you have dark or light wood? These factors also have an influence on theme. Once you’ve determined your style, you are now able to start making furniture/décor purchases within that theme! Unfortunately we don’t have the time to go in-depth of every design style. This section is intended to be more of a general rule-of-thumb, which will allow you to be personal yet well informed as you research.

Color & Texture

Next comes the colors and textures. Choosing the right theme and interior design might default you to a specific color pallet, but texture is just as important of a factor when it comes to a cohesive living room! For instance, make sure you aren’t mixing a wooden entertainment center with a steel or plated coffee table. When you pick out a sofa & chair combo, choose the same color and pattern for the fabric. An exception can be made for an accent chair, which should still follow the light/dark theme you have established, but with unique yet complimentary color, texture, or pattern to it! If you are going to have a side table, it should match your coffee table if you have one. Once again, this as a general rule-of-thumb for the sake of consistency.

Depending on your flooring, you might want to opt for an area rug. Rugs can be an entire blog entry by themselves, but we’ll keep it as simple as we can here. You want the rugs color to fit the theme, and it’s size to define the space. A larger rug will make the living room feel larger, especially if the color is on the lighter side. Play around with color, size, and design while you research to ensure the most complimentary look. A well placed area rug can make a space so much more inviting, so make sure you do diligent research.

Greenery & Accessories

Indoor greenery is an acquired taste for some. Those who like having potted plants, large or small, enjoy the contrast it adds to their space and the natural ambiance it delivers to a room. Depending on your theme, you can go light to medium on the quantity of plants! It may be safe to say, however, that it is the lighter themed living rooms that reap the benefits of indoor greenery. Bohemian, Farmhouse, and Mid-Century better cater to abundant greenery; while rustic, traditional, and industrial deigns may make plants look out of place.

Accessorizing the living space can be where your personality comes through. hanging personal pictures with theme consistent framing are always a beautiful decoration that fits a home. A frame of your favorite quote, painting or a sweet smelling candle make for great accessories also. This section is a bit more subjective and therefore, should not be put in too small a box. Simply follow the colors, textures, and overall theme of the room and make it as personal, minimal, or meaningful as you want!

Electronics & Lighting

Finally, we will touch on technology, and lighting. If you are someone who enjoys an ambient lighting, take care what kind of fan, chandelier, or lamps you buy as well as the bulbs you use. not every light bulb is crated equal, and not every hue of light will fit your space like you think. A good solution to creating the right ambiance, if one can afford it, is to purchase a smart light bulb that can change color as well as hue. Others may want to invest in a dimmer switch in order to have more control over it’s brightness. Click here to read our smart home starter guide blog entry if the technological route it to your liking! Whether or not you are a tech wiz, almost everybody these days has a television in their living room. When furnishing around a TV, here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure the size of the TV your buying does not disrupt the overall ambiance of the room. Bigger isn’t always better
  • Try to buy an entertainment center that compliments the length of your TV. It can feel a smidge awkward when a TV is either too small or too big for the space it inhabits. Therefore make sure you don’t overlook this small detail.
  • If you are going to hang your TV, consider buying cord organizing material such as ties, and covers that match the wall color so that the wiring doesn’t become a distraction.

There’s much more that could be covered in this area, but we will keep it simple for now, your own research in this area is you greatest asset when choosing the best technology to fit your space!

As we wrap up this entry, we hope it has served you well in considering how you will make your living room a lively, well-thought out space for you, your family, and gests to enjoy life in. Remember that consistency is always key when furnishing. Once that bedrock is followed. The rest comes a bit more naturally. We believe it is beneficial to a person’s productivity and overall mental health that they enjoy coming home to something their own and that is within their creative control! A well furnished living room is the beginnings of reaping the benefits of creating a place of personal peace and belonging! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next entry!