Christmas Traditions For You to Start With Your Family: 2020!

Christmas Is upon us and before we close out this year we want to give you some beautiful and sweet Christmas traditions you can start implementing with you family this Year and the next ones to come!

Christmas Lights Drive-by!

Probably one of the most magical times of year deserves an adventure through town with your family to view some awesome Christmas light viewing. You can do this after making some hot cocoa and then drive along town with the Christmas music on. A great place to take your family is to the Northgate estates in Fort Walton beach! With over 100 houses decorated!

Reverse Advent

A beautiful tradition that really bring out the true spirit of Christmas. If you’re someone who celebrates advent, consider doing a reverse advent box! This comprises of choosing 1 item each day of advent and put it into the box. at the end of advent, the box gets donated to a charity of your choice! This is also something you can start doing the month prior since charities will want to distribute them at the beginning of December!

Christmas Eve Box

Ever had your children open up one of their presents on Christmas eve? We’d like to give you another fun Christmas Eve tradition! Instead of having everybody open up one gift! Consider making a fun box for the whole family to enjoy that night! It can be filled with snacks, a movie, or even matching PJ’s to go to sleep in that night! Think of it like a family “stocking” only in box form and wrap it up before Christmas eve!

Annual Festive Photo

If you’re just starting you family, consider choosing one spot to go to each year for an annual holiday photo! They don’t have to be professionally done, but having a traditional spot to go to each year can be a great and sweet way to document your growing family as you grow up and your kids grow up with you! The choice is entirely yours!

Toy Clear Out

Almost a must, for big family’s, consider implementing a toys clear out session of the toys your kids don’t play with as much. This will help you to make room for the new toys your kids will be getting that year, and be treated as an opportunity to teach them about the importance of charity! They will have a chance learn that they are giving fun toys to other kids who will love them just like they did. You can decide how you want to do this, but it is never too soon to start!

Family Ornaments

If you have the time and money, you can start investing in personalized, family ornaments! Whether you get one for each family member or just one for the whole family, each year could be one that is unique and memorable! What’s best is that one day they can become heirlooms for the family.

We thank you for taking the time to read about some fun and dear Christmas traditions. It’s never too late to start implementing any of these within your home or start mixing your own family traditions with some new ones! We hope you continue to have a very happy holidays and hope to see you in the next entry!