Christmas Colors: What do they mean?

This entry is about to feed your brain with some more Christmas fun facts. We will briefly explore the most popular Christmas colors: Green, Red, Gold, and Silver. We will be uncovering their meaning! Christmas is ripe with all kinds of reminders and symbolism. We explored the origins and history of some popular Christmas traditions in our previous entry entitled: “Christmas Symbols & Their Meaning” With so much chaotic shopping, it can benefit our hearts to slow down and remember the subtle signs each Christmas decoration we buy are trying to send us! It’s time to dive into the festive color wheel we have known and loved! We will go in a descending order from least to most popular!


A complementary color, and the top of our list, Silver is beautiful, minimalistic, and gives us reminders of the frosty north. But there’s an even deeper history behind it. In ancient cultures, people would wear white from head to toe around the winter solstice as a sign of purity, and in welcoming anticipation of the upcoming spring! Later on, white wafers would be hung on trees and, when paired with read, symbolized the body and blood of Jesus according to the Catholic tradition! When you decorate with white, you are tapping into these great cultures and traditions!


Gold has always been associated with wealth, royalty, and prosperity, which is what the magi brought to Jesus after his birth; according to the Christmas story! Gold has also been used to represent the warmth of the sun, which is not as present during the winter months. Not only does it compliment all the other Christmas colors well, it gives us a reminder of blessing, prosperity, and perhaps even generosity!


Red is second to last in the color wheel of Christmas! You might think it’s obvious where it comes from…but hold that thought! It has been shared that hanging red ornaments is to mimic the vibrant red color of apples on the tree. This of course is a sign of good harvest for the spring and provision of the tree. Now, of course, we have always seen our jolly ol’ Saint Nick dawning his red and white attire every Christmas! This is most likely because of the garments that St. Nicholas of Smyrna (whom the tradition of Santa is birth from) wore. The saint was a bishop in Turkey and was well known to be generous to the poor and children in his community. So when we decorate with red, we are reminded about the generosity and provision of the characters that gave birth to the tradition of giving!


There is no Christmas without the color green. Each yes, we fill our homes with the faithful evergreen tree, which gets its name from its ability to remain the same color through the harsh blights of winter! Songs have been sung about its branches and its enduring color! This the reason ancient cultures took to hanging evergreen wreaths in their walls, and why we now put the tree in our homes! A great reminder and even call to remain consistent and be unchanging in our character through the harsh winters of life! Green is the quintessential Christmas color for that reason!

In all of this, you might be thinking, what is the point of these symbols? Simple! We encourage our readers to take a step back from the mainstream mindsets of life and take a breath; a moment to remember the easily forgotten aspects of the holidays. While its easy to get caught up in the grind. Taking in the richness of each holiday meaning will make this season all the more enjoyable and perhaps even more special for some! So weather you learned a lot or a little, we hope you enjoyed this holiday entry. It will be our last before the holidays and we will return after Christmas with a new set of blogs!