Time Saving Tips for the Morning Rush!

Not everybody is a morning person; and whilst those who are may have their morning routine, others may find morning more difficult to conquer. In this entry, we want to cater to the person who’s trying to succeed at mornings by giving you these time saving tips that are sure to save you stress in the morning!

  1. Lay out your clothes the night before: Picking out clothes is hugely time-consuming, so in order to cut back on the time you spend in the morning choosing that pair of socks, lay our your outfit the night before (socks & all) and make it a part of your nightly routine!
  2. Prep your bag the night before: The same above can be said for your work bag or items. It’s essential that you have everything you need, so prep it the night before so it doesn’t become a distraction for you walking out the door.
  3. STOP setting multiple alarms and go to bed earlier: The time and true method of going to bed earlier will help your body feel better as your mornings get more prepared. but DON’T set multiple alarms, otherwise your body will go back into its sleep cycle and you’ll end up more tired than when you first woke up.
  4. Wash and blow dry your hair in the nights before bed: Washing your hair is a given, but if you go to bed with wet hair, it will greatly affect your morning. We recommend blow drying your hair before bed if it is something you do regularly in order to prevent the wild morning hair. Any other steps you take to prevent it will also be a good incorporation!
  5. (Maybe) Start preparing iced coffee!!: Lastly, we feel like preparing coffee beforehand was a step n the right direction, but who prepares hot coffee the night before?! Certainly not us! So we highly recommend you choose an alternative way of consuming coffee through iced coffee! It can save you time if you have it already in your fridge and just pour in your milk or milk alternative along with your sweetener!