How to Stay Safe: Thanksgiving 2020!

Oh friends, 2020 has been very….educational…to say the least!
Throughout this time, we have pushed through the wild COVID Pandemic, and just when we thought things were getting better, we receive news that there might be another wave coming! Since Thanksgiving is coming up! We felt it a good idea to come to you with three very helpful tips for keeping safe and staying healthy during the Thanksgiving holiday!


If you are choosing to have more than a few people around the house, you’ll definitely want to make sure everyone is comfortable and spaced out equally and safely. If you are in a less than spacious house, maybe break tradition and have a thanksgiving BBQ or just outdoors in general! Another great idea would be to facetime your family members so everyone can be present without actually being there! There are other methods & places we can go to in order to enjoy this holiday with our loved ones without compromising health and safety!

Food Prep

If you enjoy the tradition of cooking all the food for this All-American feast, then make sure you handle each ingredient with intentional sanitary care! You’ll want to ensure every utensil has been thoroughly washed and kept sacred for each purpose with no other person using them prior! If you are gonna have someone else help you! make sure they know their role in the kitchen and move intentionally with each step!

Also, NO peeking! if other family members are over and want to have a peek in the kitchen, tell then, “no way Jose!” it should be also made clear beforehand to guests, both young & old, that the kitchen is off limits to anybody else but the cooks!

Food Service

Finally, if you want to go the extra mile! You might want to assign 1-2 people max who will wash their hands, stay social distanced and serve the food to everyone! Make sure they wear a mask and gloves when serving the food, and don’t let others get up for seconds unless one of the servers is able to get it! This may seem odd, but it is another safety step you can implement in order to ensure a comfortable, fun, and safe holiday dinner!

We hope these tips will get your mind going to make sure you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest! No matter what, our health and the health of our families are the most important thing! Happy Thanksgiving to you from us, the Bel Aire Terrace!