Bubble Tea: A Cozy, Quirky Beverage

This entry is all about Bubble tea (Boba tea). If you aren’t already acquainted with the fun, icy concoction, allow us to introduce you and you give you some tips on how to make your own at home! The 4 seasons of planet earth are all prefect for enjoying this quirky beverage, but fall and winter have a sort of sweet spot for enjoying the comforting creaminess the Boba tea has to offer!

First off – Why is it called Boba tea?

We’re glad you asked! This drink first originated in Taiwan and the term “boba” is the Taiwanese iteration for “bubble,” pretty cool! The drink gets its name from the soft, tapioca pearls that sit on the top. Other types of pearls can be filled with fruit juice and they are known as “popping pearls!”

The drink base of boba can either be milk based or water based but, but mostly all of it is combined from black, green, or jasmine tea! The result is a drink that is interesting, refreshing, fun, and somewhat addicting that you can mix up however you like! And now that you know the basics of boba, lets break it down!

Tapioca & Popping Pearls

There is a distinct difference between tapioca and popping boba! And you’ll definitely want to know which is which before you take a sip! Otherwise the flavor profile will be off!

Tapioca is made from a potato starch and boiled to form chewy bits that are often bathed in syrup or brown sugar to keep them from sticking! These go best with Milk based drinks!

Popping pearls are filled with fruit juice and are ideal for fresh iced tea drinks! These pearls will give you a zing when you feel them pop in your mouth!

Milk Tea & Fresh Tea

Milk tea is sweet, creamy, and is by far the most well known between the two! It is based with either black, green, or jasmine tea. It has also been known to favor flavors such as honeydew, strawberry, and taro! You’ll find milk teas with tapioca in them and is a chewy, cold, and yummy treat!

Fresh boba tea is more based with any regular iced tea. Sometimes flavored teas such as strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon make a refreshing twist. Put those popping pearls in to finish it off!

How to make Classic Milk Tea

Making Classic Milk tea is simple and easy! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tapica Pearls (typically they come dehydrated and need to be boiled.)
  • Your choice of milk (Whole, Almond, Soy, or Oat. Anything to suit your lifestyle)
  • Black tea (loose-leaf or bagged)
  • A sweetener of your choice!
  • A Serving glass with a Large Boba straw (trust us, you’ll need it)
  1. Boil the tapioca as instructed by the brand you buy! After they are finished, make sure to coat the pearls in some type of syrup, or brown sugar to prevent them from sticking! Set pearls aside.
  2. Put a pot of fresh water to a boil and steep loose-lease or bagged black tea for about 4 minuets or to your desired strength. (Add your sweetener while the mixture is still warm)
  3. Strain the leaves out of the water and mix sweetened tea with equal parts milk. (you can play with the ratios to get more milk and add creamer if you desire).
  4. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.
  5. Add Tapioca to your serving glass and add milk tea and enjoy!

This whole process may seem new and unknown, but once you get it down it is so worth it! Try what works for you, and experiment as you go!

As a bonus tip; the holidays provide many easy, and popular drinks to add tapioca to. Including chai tea, egg-nog, and even pumpkin spice drinks! We hope you will give boba tea a try the next time you see it!

Row of fresh boba bubble tea glasses on white background.