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Bel Aire Terrace offers one, two and three bedroom PET FRIENDLY apartment homes in Crestview, Florida.

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Upcoming events at Bel Aire Terrace & in the Florida panhandle area
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Couple eating pizza, sharing a slice
Hand arranging wood block stacking as step stair on paper pink background. Business concept growth success process, copy space.

Increasing Your Productivity When Working from Home

When working from home, studying online, or just trying to catch up on office work, it’s important to keep your focus high and increase productivity. The human mind will almost always want to take the path of least resistance, and many of us have sorely succumbed to the hours of scrolling on social media when we could have otherwise been productive with the tasks of the day we set out to do. This particular set of reminds are geared towards the person who works or study’s from home. We hope our tips below will help you make adjustments to your

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Peoples eating food alone at tables in the restaurant. Arrangement blank space to prevent and stop Coronavirus spread by doing social distancing. Physical distancing and new normal.

In & Around the View – Restaurants

In this entry we want to make some recommendations for your next meal or two. We titles this entry “In & Around the View” to mean the various places we love to visit In & Around Crestview! These can go as far out as Niceville, Fort Walton, and even Destin! Here are our top 3 restaurants to visit next time you are looking to get your gub on or just looking for a quick fix! Don’t worry, these places also do take out! Breakfast – Front Porch (Niceville) Located just off John Sims Pkwy in Niceville, the Front Porch delivers

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Bright living room interior with parquet floor, shaggy carpet, horizontal poster, the reading lamp next to a cozy gray sofa, overlooking the dining room. Front view.

Fundamentals of Furnishing – Part 2: Living Room

Welcome to the second part of our fundamentals of furnishing series! if you haven’t already read it, please click here to read part one where we talk all about patios! In this entry we ae going to be talking about the Living Room! Possibly one of the most taunting task home décor enthusiasts such as you & I have! Why? Because it’s where everybody who comes into your home, including you, sees right from the get-go! Walking into a clean, well thought out living/family room can be a breath of fresh air after a long day out. Those who aim

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Empty wall exterior with white wood plank 3d render

The Fundamentals of Furnishing – Part 1: Patio

Living in an apartment can be an exciting experience! Some people find it challenging, however, to utilize a smaller space when it comes to furniture. In this series of blogs, we are going to explore some of the fundamentals of furnishing your apartment so you can feel comfortable in the space you live while still making it your own.

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brown mulch trail in the woods with green trees

Crestview Hiking Trails!

New Year, New opportunities to make the best of! We believe there nothing quite like getting outdoors, and one of the best way to do that is going on a hike! Today we wanted to share a link to all the best hiking trails in Crestview so you can start planning! As they used to say back in the day, “happy trails!”

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Notebook with "I am grateful for" in handwritten text

Three Overlooked New Years Resolutions

New Years just emanates the feeling of a fresh start! We love the idea of a blank slate, another chance to get things right! As we draw nearer to the day, many people start contemplating what they would like to improve come this new year holiday! Resolutions have ranged from traveling to a foreign country, cooking one new meal every day for a year. And of course; hitting the gym more often! It’s obvious that the year 2020 was hard on many of us. A lot of what we had planned didn’t go as we hoped it would. And even

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Christmas decoration. Hanging red balls on pine branches christmas tree garland and ornaments over abstract bokeh background with copy space

Christmas Colors: What do they mean?

This entry is about to feed your brain with some more Christmas fun facts. We will briefly explore the most popular Christmas colors: Green, Red, Gold, and Silver. We will be uncovering their meaning! Christmas is ripe with all kinds of reminders and symbolism. We explored the origins and history of some popular Christmas traditions in our previous entry entitled: “Christmas Symbols & Their Meaning” With so much chaotic shopping, it can benefit our hearts to slow down and remember the subtle signs each Christmas decoration we buy are trying to send us! It’s time to dive into the festive

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Retro Christmas Tree, Snow, Copy Space, Wooden Background

Best Christmas Tree Ideas 2020 (Article)

We were browsing around and found this truly well done article on that we would love to share with you! 87 Best Christmas Tree Ideas 2020 We hope you are enjoying your holiday season and get a real joy out of some of these great ideas!

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Christmas Child Open Present Gift, Happy Baby Boy looking to Magic Light in Box, Kid and Xmas Tree

Christmas Traditions For You to Start With Your Family: 2020!

Christmas Is upon us and before we close out this year we want to give you some beautiful and sweet Christmas traditions you can start implementing with you family this Year and the next ones to come! Christmas Lights Drive-by! Probably one of the most magical times of year deserves an adventure through town with your family to view some awesome Christmas light viewing. You can do this after making some hot cocoa and then drive along town with the Christmas music on. A great place to take your family is to the Northgate estates in Fort Walton beach! With

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A traditional British Christmas steamed pudding decorate with holly served with custard

Victorian Figgy Pudding – A Shared Video Tutorial for the Holidays

Figgy pudding! You’ve sung about it in Christmas Carols and most likely heard of it during Christmas plays, but have you ever desired to put your own hand to the test in making such a yummy, historic dish? now you can do it in it’s utmost accuracy! Max Miller over at, Tasting History, has put together a fun, simple tutorial as well as a short history lesson on this wonderfully Victorian Christmas dessert! Click Here for Tasting History

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Christmas tree near a beautiful fireplace and a lot of gifts

Christmas Symbols & Their Meanings

“What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! It’s clear this time of year that Christmas is teeming with smiles and joy! But amidst the crowded stores and holly decked halls, there is so much culture to behold! From Santa Clause, to mistletoes, to the Christmas tree itself, every thing we stuff our homes with has a story to be told! Our entry today will explore some of the most famous Christmas symbols and a short explanation of their origin and history.

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Protective mask and thanksgiving pumpkins against wooden background

How to Stay Safe: Thanksgiving 2020!

Oh friends, 2020 has been very….educational…to say the least!Throughout this time, we have pushed through the wild COVID Pandemic, and just when we thought things were getting better, we receive news that there might be another wave coming! Since Thanksgiving is coming up! We felt it a good idea to come to you with three very helpful tips for keeping safe and staying healthy during the Thanksgiving holiday! Spacing If you are choosing to have more than a few people around the house, you’ll definitely want to make sure everyone is comfortable and spaced out equally and safely. If you

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Waiting for the candles to dry.

How to Make Homemade Candle

Candles are as timeless as the wheel and have been used for so many purposes. Nowadays we use them for aromatherapy and to simply sweeten up our house with them! This entry we will explore an exciting, crafty project to do at home! Making your own candles can save you money in the long-haul, give you creative control, and be personalized to be given as great gifts! What you will need: A Block of Wax + A vessel to melt it in Mason Jar Candle Wicks with a wooden stick Essential Oil of your choice to scent it with! Optional:

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A Golden Retriever dog holding her doggy biscuit in her mouth, on dark background.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes!

We wanna share with you 3 great homemade dog treat recipes from 3 great websites so you can get more creative and organic with your fur baby’s food! Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Treats – by Live Laugh Rowe Pumpkin Ginger Dog Biscuits – by Taste of Home Homemade Grain-free Greenies – by Health Starts in the Kitchen What’s best is that these recipes take organic ingredients seriously! We hope you’ll give one of these recopies a try and spoil your pup for this Holiday season!

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Brown sugar flavored bubble tea with a glass straw

Bubble Tea: A Cozy, Quirky Beverage

This entry is all about Bubble tea (Boba tea). If you aren’t already acquainted with the fun, icy concoction, allow us to introduce you and you give you some tips on how to make your own at home! The 4 seasons of planet earth are all prefect for enjoying this quirky beverage, but fall and winter have a sort of sweet spot for enjoying the comforting creaminess the Boba tea has to offer! First off – Why is it called Boba tea? We’re glad you asked! This drink first originated in Taiwan and the term “boba” is the Taiwanese iteration

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Strong girls different nationalities and cultures stand together and raise up posters with word VOTE.

Where Do I Vote!? 2020

If you live in the Crestview area and are trying to find out where to vote! Follow this link and head over to your nearest polling place! Provided by the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections

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Couple having a drink in the night city

What Exactly is Cocktail Attire?

Since COVID-19 swept our nation, many events have gone unattended. Vacations, graduation, and weddings, have all taken a hit as we have attempted to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. As the year comes to a close, many states, and county’s have opened themselves back up to festivities. Although many places will require masks and enforce some social distancing, it won’t be long until we are gathered together at sporting events and formal occasions! With that said, we want to tackle a questions that might leave you curious the next time you see an invitation to your next business event,

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Bel Aire Terrace Model 2

Accent Walls: Making A Statement

Since the early 2000’s, accent walls have gone in and out of popularity, but we believe that it is a great way to create distinction in a space that is yours! So in this short entry, we want to invite you to put your artistic hats on with us and decide if whether or not you are ready to take the leap and accent your house with color! Use accent walls to break up the space of a room Having a home that is all one color, unless you intend to outfit it with many decorations, pictures, and such, can

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Gingerbread coconut overnight oatmeal served with granola,pecan,honey.Recipe and idea healthy vegan breakfast - plant-based milk overnight oats with chia and gingerbread spices cinnamon, nutmeg,ginger

Overnight Oats: On-the-Go breakfast that satisfies!

At Bel Aire Terrace, we believe in you! We believe in encouraging you to lead a healthy lifestyle that is less on stress and big on ease. We do this by providing small nuggets of info for your enjoyment that will take the stress off, beit morning, noon, or night! Today we have a simple recipe for you which is guaranteed to satisfy your tight schedule and your morning hunger! Overnight Oats have proven to be a game saver in the morning when you’re in a rush or just don’t feel like cooking that morning! What’s best, is that you

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light soft pillow on beautiful bed cozy bedroom with sun light from window interior concept

Make Your Bed Like a Pro!

We believe that the right amount of effort and investment can take something as simple as a bed from rags to rad! When the rest of life feels out of control, coming home to a made bed can make all the difference.

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Forest in the mountains covered with fog

Why You Should Be In Nature More Often!

We are a community filled with beautifully unified people, even if we are not uniform. Everybody has their way of stopping, taking a step back, and reposing. Some people put their earbuds in and lay back to their favorite song, while others enjoy their favorite show, or cozy up to a hot cup of “you-name-it!” However you choose to unwind, here are a few reasons why we feel like you should incorporate the outdoors into your repertoire of recuperation: Nature Can Help You Unplug If we’re being honest, our days become easily filled with lots of stimulation. From social media,

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Black mixed breed dog giving female young adult Caucasian a high five.

Pet Etiquette

At Bel Aire Terrace, we are proud to say that we are one of the few communities in the region that allow ALL dogs! No furry family members are ever turned away based on their breed or size.  As a pet friendly community, we want to give you a couple friendly reminders on basic “Petiquette”.  🙂 1.) Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations (rabies vaccination is required).  Spraying or neutering is also recommended. Talk to your local vet to discuss what’s best for your pet. 2.) Shush the woof  – make sure that your pet is

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Beautiful Poppy Flowers set, Colorful Vector seamless pattern.

Rescue Plants

Interested in rescuing a plant or have rescued one before? Join the community at the Crestview Public Library to learn about plants, how you can save them and maybe rescue one while you are there! This event will be hosted on Thursday September 17th from 10:30-11:30 am, for free! For more information, visit the Facebook event!

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Black sunglasses and a protective face mask. Handmade rag bandage to protect against infection and viruses.

Face Masks

Face masks have become a part of our everyday life. Whether you use disposable or reusable they are necessary to go out in public settings. These face masks not only keep us safe, but those we love as well. Disposable face masks are easy to come by, but can hurt animals if they are not disposed of properly. Make sure when you dispose of your masks that you cut the strings so that they do not get wrapped around animals legs or necks! Reusable masks come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Don’t forget to wash your reusable

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