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Bel Aire Terrace offers one, two and three bedroom PET FRIENDLY apartment homes in Crestview, Florida.

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Portrait of cute red guinea pig

Beyond the Leash Part 1: Guinea Pigs

In this entry and a few others to follow, we will explore the appeal of owning various types of pets. Sorry pups, we certainly love you, but we want to shed some light on some of our more exotic and often forgotten furry, scaley, and feathered friends! In this entry we are going to be looking at guniea pigs! Is a Guinea Pig right for you? Guniea Pigs have a lot of appealing qualities about them! They are hugely intimate companions. Once a guinea pig decides you are it’s human, there’s no going back! Guinea pigs are also highly social

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Little Kittens in Cage waiting for Adoption

PAWS Pet Adoption

Did you know that Bel Aire Terrace has had a pet adoption with Panhandle Animal Wellness Society for years? It’s that time of year again! There are so many different personalities of cats and dogs waiting to find their forever home at PAWS. Find time in August to head to PAWS to find your perfect match. Make sure to tell them you are a resident at Bel Aire Terrace and they will make sure you have all the paperwork needed to add your new pet to your lease! Not ready to adopt in August? The leasing office will be accepting

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Increasing Size Of Percentage Symbols

Summer Savings on Furniture!

We want to give you the link to have some summer saving on Furniture for Ashley’s HomeStore! We enjoy equipping our residents and readers with the tools to make sure their house is looking beautiful and neat! Crestview has a store in town, making it easily accessible to click and ship or possibly see your products in person! Follow the Link: Here!

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Smart phone controlling home

Smart Home Starter Guide!

There’s no reason why apartments cannot be smart homes, but knowing where to start is half the battle. In this entry, our aim is to educate you on the fundamental components needed to start you own smart home!

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Woman pouring eucalyptus essential oil into bowl on wooden table

An Intro to Essential Oils

The purpose of this article is to inform our readers about essential oils. What they are, how they are made, and how they are used! along with some of their researched benefits. We know that these kind of products aren’t for everybody, but we love posting things that promote healthy lifestyles, that are able to enrich your homes atmosphere and your everyday routine! Hence why we like the idea of spreading good vibes and clever insight into various types of hobbies, and activities for you to consider and possibly dive into yourself! What are Essential Oils Essential oils are the

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Back to school with shopping cart full of school tools

Tax Free Weekend

Destin Commons is a main stop during tax free weekend! Back to school shopping always takes over during this time of year even if they might be virtual learning this year. Uniquely Clever Art Bus will be at the Destin Commons on Saturday and Sunday between 1 pm and 5 pm. Take a break from shopping and spark some creativity; maybe this will spark some creativity in your shopping as well. When you are hot and tired from a long day of shopping, come back and relax by our resort style pool at Bel Aire Terrace! For more information, visit

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Speech bubble of white hello words on different languages

Should You Learn a Foreign Language?

There are some investments we make that don’t quite give us the return for our efforts we were hoping for. Often times, however, it is the most challenging things we undertake in life that give us that turn out to be the most rewarding. Unfortunately some of them are often overlooked altogether. Take learning a foreign language. Have you ever considered studying one? Maybe you have a job where you could benefit greatly from learning one, or perhaps you are interested in another culture. We found an article that might convince you take that step in broadening your horizons! As

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Front door with house keys

Top 5 Interior Design Styles!

Sometimes you just need a change in atmosphere, other times you want to mark the start of a new chapter of your life! If you are either of these or anything in-between, it might be time to start thinking about some interior design ideas for your home! Whether you’ve been in your home for a while or just moving-in, here are our top 5 Interior design styles for you to feast your eyes on Coastal Also known as Nautical, this style is designed to give your home the feeling of a beachside bungalow. Weathered driftwood treated by salty seas is

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Aerail view of cross country biking woman cyclist with mountain bike walking on tropical rainforest trail

Mountain Bike Tours, Pensacola

Biking can be a very fun, exhilarating and, rewarding way to stay active and go outside without having to be too close to people. Those who practice social distancing and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle will love this Hamilton’s MTB Tours, located in Pensacola, Florida! Randy Hamilton (owner and founder) will guide you along as you traverse the various landscapes of Florida’s emerald coast! You can rent a bike, or just bring your own! So saddle up and book your tour on their website while the summer is hot! Adventure awaits! Hamilton MTB Tours: http://pensacola-mountain-bike-tours.com/

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Black sunglasses and a protective face mask. Handmade rag bandage to protect against infection and viruses.

Get Yourself a Stylish Mask!

With a pandemic, it’s hard to get a solid read on the who, what, when, and where. But one thing is for sure: that in the midst of uncertainty, a mask should be required for you to keep you and your loved ones safe and at ease! We’re not here to talk about the science, though. Rather, we want to give you a link to an Etsy page which has tons of nifty designs and styles for you to match! Not only are handmade masks more affordable in the long-run, they are more effective and can be suited to your

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Two Empty Picture Frames In Bedroom

Bedroom Ceiling Fans: Here’s What You Need to Know

All of our master bedroom’s come with a fan! But did you know that there are more benefits to having one than you might’ve once thought? Not only are they easy on electricity, but there’s practically one for every style you want to go for almost anywhere you look! Read the full article at https://www.networx.com/article/bedroom-ceiling-fans.

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Overhead view of a neat king size bed

Best Mattresses of 2020

A common mistake people make, is overvaluing busyness! Burning the candle at both ends can be costly, and in the name of sleep, we can do our bodies better to prioritize it! A survey of CEOs found that half slept fewer than six hours a night, while various health organizations recommend getting seven to nine hours of sleep every evening. Get the full article here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/346962

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A sad looking Coffee Cup on a brown rustic table.

Home Brewed Coffee Methods You’ll Love!

Coffee is such an integrated part of society, most of us are content with what is given us at the drive-thru window or in our local eateries. But coffee can be experienced right from home with more than just the normal means we’re all used to! So, if you’re feeling board of your old “cuppa joe,” here are some alternative methods to brewing coffee at home that’ll make you feel like a barista in no time! But keep in mind! Brewing coffee differently will require different grind sizes so be sure to check the label if it’s already ground before

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line dance boots and hat

Learn How to Line Dance!

We are real fortunate to have technology where we can have safe social distancing and still be able to connect with our community via the internet! Every Friday at 11:00 a.m. you can tune into the Niceville Senior Center’s Facebook LIVE line dancing classes! It’s a great way to learn something new without having to go far! just follow the link! Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2691308494487281/ Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/NicevilleFLSeniorCenter/?eid=ARAx8k_SAKy5c_tk2RwNvS1fJR8tY0mp_dwP0f4ysUZyqJmbohLTuVLBZ4n8KXk8iosNd2MkO4mGk3Au

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Interior with armchair and coffee table 3d rendering

Furnish Your Home In Style

Did you know we have connections with CORT?Cort is a furniture company that specializes in renting furniture for events, business, and residential homes! They have done a fabulous job furnishing our models for us and now we want to highlight them for you! Are you new to the area? New to the Bel Aire Terrace? Renting Furniture can be a good way to get an instant living space set up while you search for a more permanent set of furnishings! Though they primarily rent furniture, they also have a furniture outlet where marked down pieces are able to be purchased

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Timeless & Fun Indoor Games!

With Summer being hot and social distancing still being a priority for many! here are our recommendations for some of our favourite games to enjoy indoors with your family while you stay safe The Game of Life! There’s hours of fun in this classic game! The object of the game is to be the one with the most money at the end! But here’s the kicker, the youngest starts first! So get a job, build , and spin to win! Apples to Apples A card game with loads of quick thinking and laughs! The object of the game is to

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Kids holding hand

Facebook Live Storytime This Monday!

Our own Crestview Public Library will be having a LIVE storytime over Facebook! Grab a tablet, gather around your little ones and go to their Facebook page at 10:15am on Monday & Wednesday! Enjoy the comfort of your home with your children nice & safe!

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Cartoon school bus

2nd Annual Back To School

Donate back to school supplies in a backpack and receive a family portrait session! These backpacks will be donated directly to Crestview elementary schools. For more information visit their Facebook event.

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Jets flying in formation

Red, White and Blue

Wednesday July 8th at 10am will be The Blue Angels Annual Pensacola Beach Show. The program will be a four-day event, and each day will have similar flight maneuvers. This expanded schedule will give the public four different opportunities to view the performances at least once. Aerial displays along the beach are scheduled to begin before noon each day. Since this is a four day event you will have plenty of opportunity to see the Blue Angels in action. For more information visit their Facebook Event.

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Woman practicing Warrior yoga pose outdoors over sunset sky background.

Poses & Pints

Head down to 3rd Planet Brewery for Poses & Pints on July 11th at noon!! The property has plenty of space to keep social distancing while finding your zin. Join in for an hour of light-hearted yoga and 3rd Planet brews, socializing and delicious food truck offerings they have on site.$20 for an hour of yoga and a $5 drink ticket. For more information visit their Facebook event and don’t forget to register for your spot! Afterwards you can bring back your yoga skills to the yoga room at Bel Aire Terrace!

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Women doing Yoga in an outdoor neighborhood

Yoga To Alleviate Anxiety

During times where life becomes stressful everyone deserves a way to reduce the anxiety of everyday life. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress while being physically active. We found the top 10 yoga poses for reducing anxiety from Style Craze. The best part is that all 10 poses can be done comfortably in your home at Bel Aire Terrace. Follow the links below to see the different poses and their benefits. Ustrasana Setu Bandhasana Baddha Konasana Paschimottanasana Dandasana Utthita Trikonasana Marjariasana Balasana Dhanurasana Shavasana

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Happy Independence Day greeting card with brush stroke background in United States national flag colors and hand lettering text Happy 4th of July. Vector illustration.

4th of July Extravaganza

Mark your calendars for the 4th of July Extravaganza in Downtown Crestview! Vendors, Games, Live Music, BBQ and some brew will make for a fun filled day for the whole family on Main Street and Twin Hills Park that day. For the schedule and more information, visit the Facebook event.

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Colorful paint splatter on brushes

Patriotic Stars Paint Class

Rustic Reflections is hosting a paint class on Friday June 26th 6:30-8:30 pm.Display or hang year around with the colors to match your decor. Class is limited to 10 participants. $45- Star with Scattered Grooves 22″ x 20.9″ Stars will comestained on one side. Visit the Facebook event for more information.

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Red bowl of strawberries surrounded by plant

Starting Your First Florida Garden

Join us to learn all about getting your first Florida garden planted successfully. Thee event will be held on Wednesday June 24th through Zoom. Once you register and pay, you will be sent the link to join the live class. The cost of this class is $12 and includes access to the live class, the recording, and e-resources. For more information visit the Facebook event.

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