Why You Should Live in Crestview, Florida

Where should I live? Such a simple question that carries so much weight. Whether you are fleeing a frigid-snowy state and relocating to sunny Florida, or you are already a Floridian looking to relocate to a different city, here are some of the top reasons you should consider Crestview, Florida as one of the best places to call home.


The Panhandle of Florida (Crestview/Fort Walton Beach/Destin) was named #15 for “Fastest Growing Cities in the United States” according to USA Today in May 2019. The population has grown 18.1% since 2010, creating opportunities for both small and large businesses to flourish exponentially. This in turn, has increased job opportunity rates by a whopping 45%. The Panhandle isn’t just growing, it’s thriving with explosive potential.  Crestview has also become a military town. The 7th SFG base that was built in 2011 is a massive contributing factor to the local economy and population growth.

More Bang for your Buck

Speaking of economy, you’ll definitely get more for your money when it comes to housing in Crestview. Destin and Fort Walton Beach, although less of a drive to the sparkling turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is going to cost you a pretty penny. Even if you find an apartment that is considered reasonably “affordable” to the average working American, the value and square footage does not compare to what you receive for the same price in Crestview.


One word: Hurricanes. This is something that you should consider carefully. Although the beach is a wonderful place to be, it doesn’t come without the potential risk of storms. Crestview is located 30 miles inland from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and has one of the highest elevations in the state (236 ft). Compare that to Destin (26 feet), and Fort Walton Beach (7 feet), there is much less risk for flooding, storm surge, or damage caused by high winds.  The crime rates in Crestview, according to Crestview News Bulletin, 2019, have been steadily decreasing over the past few years thanks mostly to a healthy local economy and the police force putting pressure on high-crime areas. 

Schools and Necessities

Crestview in particular has everything you need for a family. Once a small town, Crestview has multiple grocery stores, doctors’ offices, restaurants, and multiple schools for children of all ages. Okaloosa County school district was named one of the “Top 3” school districts in the entire state of Florida by Niche.com for outstanding teachers, coaches, and education.


If Crestview doesn’t quite have what you need, then there is a town nearby that will. Nestled right in the middle of Highway 90, Highway 85, and Interstate 10, you’ll be able to get what you want within a 30-40-mile radius. East of Crestview is Chautauqua Vineyard Winery, with some of the most savory white and red wines in the region. West, you’ll find yourself in historical Pensacola, rich in history with vibrant culture and nightlife. South, you are minutes away from high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment, as well as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, affectionately known as, the Emerald Coast.

Christopher Schultz
We would like to say a special thanks to our guest author and former Bel Aire Terrace resident: Christopher Schultz