Three Overlooked New Years Resolutions

New Years just emanates the feeling of a fresh start! We love the idea of a blank slate, another chance to get things right! As we draw nearer to the day, many people start contemplating what they would like to improve come this new year holiday! Resolutions have ranged from traveling to a foreign country, cooking one new meal every day for a year. And of course; hitting the gym more often! It’s obvious that the year 2020 was hard on many of us. A lot of what we had planned didn’t go as we hoped it would. And even if we have to live the cautious life for a little while longer, we believe there are many great new years resolutions that can be made this new year that COVID certainly will not be able to cancel!

Be more patient with yourself & others

We are all capable of becoming too engrossed in producing perfection. When we allow yourselves to make a mistake and give ourselves a chance to improve it, we will become happier with ourselves and our accomplishments. Always remember that it starts with yourself. Then you will be able to give the same measure of patience to others also!

Write down what you are grateful for each day

Keeping a physical journal has stood the test of time as being one of the most fulfilling forms of processing our own thoughts & emotions. Many people don’t make the time for it as they used to. But if you are wanting to take the step, start by writing what you are grateful for each day! We are all capable of being swept up by our emotions, that it can feel as though they own us and not the other way around! Being intentionally grateful by writing it down is a way to return our hearts and minds to that true north, and puts us back in the drivers seat even on our most chaotic days.

Take time for yourself in the morning, afternoon, or evening

To echo the moral of the first point, you cannot give what your don’t have. If you’re burnt out, you cannot hope to put forth your best in all areas of life. So we encourage you this new year to intentionally take time for yourself each week. Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening, making time for yourself is critical for every other area of your life to flourish! Do you have kids? Hire a relative or professional to babysit! Turn off your phone from work, and other outside stressors and find solis. After you are done, your kids, spouse, work, and other areas of your life will get the full, true, and quality you! Note that we have to make time and not find time. It’s all about being intentional, otherwise you’ll likely never find it.


Our biggest hope is for you, the reader, to see how there can be so many different ways to improve yourself aside from the conventional! YES, go to the gym, do that thing you determined to do. Don’t overlook the inner self, however!