Maximize Space In Your Home

Our floor plans at Bel Aire Terrace are extremely open and spacious, but there is always ways to make your home feel larger. By following a few simple tips you could make your home feel more open and welcoming.

  • Create the illusion of more space by using mirrors as part of your decor. This allows for your space to seem larger and have more depth.
  • Take advantage of our accent wall program. Choose a light color and paint one or two walls to make your space feel like it doubled in size.
  • Use lighter tones for your furniture and main decor items. This will create a lighter, airy feel to your home.
  • Find furniture that has storage options! A couch with a hidden storage space, coffee table with drawers or an entertainment center that doubles as a bookshelf.
  • Stay organized! A messy home or a home with too many focus items can make the space look smaller. Use key pieces with the flow of the floor plan to maximize space.

Choose one or two tips to maximize space in your home to make you feel opening a welcoming.