Are you ready for a Hurricane?

Hurricane Prep

Living in Florida, we should always be prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes. Are you ready? Stay up to date on the latest weather forecasts at 

How does one prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane? This can feel like an overwhelming question, especially if you’ve never experienced this type of storm before. Hurricanes typically have copious amounts of rain and strong consistent winds that last several hours. For a storm to be considered a hurricane, the maximum sustained winds are 74 miles per hour or more.

With the rain and wind, usually comes flash flooding, power outages, and water contamination. Here are some things to consider while bracing for hurricane impact if there are no mandatory evacuations:

  • Make sure to have candles and flashlights readily available.
  • Have extra batteries on hand in a variety of sizes.
  • Have access to a battery operated radio to stay up-to-date during the storm.
  • Make sure you have a battery operated cell phone charger.
  • Do laundry before the storm if you can. You may be without electricity and water for several days.
  • Have a battery operated fan
  • Have non perishable food and dry goods on hand to last multiple days. (Don’t forget about dog food!)
  • Make sure you have necessary medications and prescriptions, and that you will not run out.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have several gallons of water- have enough to last multiple days. You will need a minimum of 1 gallon per day/per person.
  • Keep cash in your wallet. No electricity means no ATM, no operating banks, and no credit card swiping.
  • Fill your vehicle with a full tank of gas. Pumps also require electricity, and gas may not be accessible for a few days after the hurricane.
  • Mentally prepare to be without internet and TV for awhile. In a technologically dependent world, being without our daily electronics can feel really strange. Grab a good book, and embrace this rare opportunity to be temporarily disconnected!

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