Why You Should Be In Nature More Often!

We are a community filled with beautifully unified people, even if we are not uniform. Everybody has their way of stopping, taking a step back, and reposing. Some people put their earbuds in and lay back to their favorite song, while others enjoy their favorite show, or cozy up to a hot cup of “you-name-it!” However you choose to unwind, here are a few reasons why we feel like you should incorporate the outdoors into your repertoire of recuperation:

Nature Can Help You Unplug

If we’re being honest, our days become easily filled with lots of stimulation. From social media, workflow, deadlines, and other varying sources. Taking the time to intentionally unplug from the world for a period of time can help usher in new habits of alone-time, introspection, and help us recharge. So go for a walk in your local park, go on that hike or bike-ride and put your phone on do not disturb while you take a break from the hamster-wheel of life.

Nature Encourages A Heathy Lifestyle

Sure, we have our 24-hr gym memberships and facilities with great equipment, and those things have their place, but taking your workouts outside every now and then can have great benefits. Not only will the tree’s, boulders, and trails become your new playground, you’ll also be getting great vitamin D from the sun! Shake things up and let the outdoors be your guide!

Nature Moves Slower Than You Do!

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally, we feel like being out in nature is a great way to repose and slow down. You may not realize it until you get there, but getting away from your phone, your computer screen, even your iPod and being silently with nature might remind you how fast you are really going and how unnecessary it is. Nature needs no alarm clock nor cares what Instagram filter is hot these days. It just is! If we allow ourselves to breath and walk at natures pace, we could unlock it’s secret to peace and stillness even while the world around us wants to go fast!


We hope these few ideas have started getting your mind thinking about getting out into nature more! In summary, the outdoors, whether it is the deep forested hiking trails or the concrete paved road around your local park, any way we can experience nature is so beneficial for our overall health as we learn to unplug from the fast-paced media driven world at large, and learn to appreciate not just our beautiful world, but also our own physical & mental health!