Top 5 Interior Design Styles!

Sometimes you just need a change in atmosphere, other times you want to mark the start of a new chapter of your life! If you are either of these or anything in-between, it might be time to start thinking about some interior design ideas for your home! Whether you’ve been in your home for a while or just moving-in, here are our top 5 Interior design styles for you to feast your eyes on


Coastal style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

Also known as Nautical, this style is designed to give your home the feeling of a beachside bungalow. Weathered driftwood treated by salty seas is used to construct accent tables, chairs, and other furniture. Wicker, rope, and other natural materials are used in the furniture and give Coastal style its seaside feel.Stick with a color palette of light, airy neutrals, with pops of ocean blues to keep this style simple and inviting.


Traditional, Transitional Bedroom Design by Havenly Interior ...

For those of us who love bits and pieces of contemporary and traditional style, transitional design takes the subdued, neutral aspects of the contemporary and blends it with the polish and grandeur of traditional decorum to create an understated look that is easy on the eyes.


A popular design among many of our own,  the primary inspiration for the rustic decorating style is the blend of an e’ol cabin, with a rural home. Matte, weathered, and unpainted wood constructions, reclaimed material, and old, worn leather really shine in this style! any kind of copper, metal, or animal skins, make for really nice accents!


This is the South, y’all! Farmhouse style is one of those designs that sticks true to bright, wide open concept spaces, but can be tweaked to suit almost any enthusiast of the style! Old-fashioned feel and lived-in quality with a unique, antiqued look. Light-colored fabrics, add dynamic to the whitewashed, rugged wood furniture and constructions. Don’t forget your barnyard animal art and big, draping curtains!

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century modern style living room

Taking back, retro style. Clean lines and geometric shapes give an artistic aesthetic to this look. This design is often distinguished by the tapered, natural wood legs of it’s furniture alongside neutral & earthy tones. More or less color can be added for a throwback feel and the geometric accents are your icing on the cake! If you have a record player, this is the space to put it in place!

There are many different varieties of interior home designs, but these are our favorite! Be sure to make your space your own no matter which you should choose, pulling inspiration from your own stories and experience to take your living space from “house,” to “home.”