Non-Toxic Cleaning Hacks

Keeping your home clean and safe for your family is a great way to get the most of your deposit when you move. There are many non-toxic tricks that can keep your home looking it’s best.

  • Non-toxic Dishwasher Pods– These pods will make your dishes sparkling clean without all the the plastic and harmful chemicals. Bonus! Use white vinegar as a rinse aid.
  • Hard Water Spot Removal– Remove hard water sports from silverware and glasses with a sliced grapefruit and salt! Rub on the dishes you want to clean then rinse.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes – Cut a roll of paper towels in the middle, soak in water, white vinegar and a small amount of dish soap. You now have non-toxic multipurpose wipes at your finger tips.

For more tips and tricks check out this video that was posted on the Bel Aire Terrace Facebook page!