Increasing Your Productivity When Working from Home

When working from home, studying online, or just trying to catch up on office work, it’s important to keep your focus high and increase productivity. The human mind will almost always want to take the path of least resistance, and many of us have sorely succumbed to the hours of scrolling on social media when we could have otherwise been productive with the tasks of the day we set out to do. This particular set of reminds are geared towards the person who works or study’s from home. We hope our tips below will help you make adjustments to your work routine at home if any of these habits are lacking, and reinforce the already good ones!

Have a designated work area – It’s difficult to come to terms with, but most of us should not work where we sleep, it’s just not going to benefit us. It’s becoming more & more common knowledge that our brains associate our environment with certain actions. if we work in the same place we sleep either of the following will happen: We’ll either feel sleepy during our work time, or feel anxious during our designated sleep time! Having a designated area away from the more common areas is important to increase productivity. Having an office is the ideal scenario, but if you are lacking the space, working at your dining table when you aren’t eating with family is a better step in the right direction.

Have ample lighting – Much like having the right space to work in, having good lighting is conducive to a productive mind. Having Natural or white light is more preferred than yellow or amber light since the brain associated the latter two with evening and unwinding. Having natural light will keep your senses strong and alert in order to seize the tasks at hand and get them done with ease.

Free your mind of other distractions – Having the right external environment will aid you some, but if you do not have the right internal environment, nothing will help. It’s important the during the time you are working that you intentionally take care of all the things that could distract you from your work. Turn your phone on do not disturb, work when the kids are asleep or with the baby-sitter. Turn the TV off, and try not to cook at the same time either. Some people find it more beneficial to listen to music while they work, which is a-okay as long as it doesn’t take your mind away from the task. Eliminating as many distractions & worries as possible during your study/office time will keep your productivity high for much longer!

Make sure you’re hydrated and well nourished – Finally, we always want to make sure we are keeping healthy, hydrated, and well nourished. Of course we don’t recommend having a bowl of chips next to you during your working time or any food for that matter. This goes along with the eliminating distractions. Rather, you should eat beforehand and take with you a simple glass or tumbler of water/coffee to sip on while you work! If you must, have some fruit to snack on if you get peckish. But having food in front of you can be distracting since the aroma signals your brain to feast instead of focus!

We hope these tips have served as good reminders the next time you sit down to draw out that chart, study medical terminology, or balance your finances. Having healthy habitual routines and practices of productivity is the first step in a successful direction. And moreover, it gives us the sense of accomplishment that we are able to overcome our inclinations to laziness!