Get Yourself a Stylish Mask!

With a pandemic, it’s hard to get a solid read on the who, what, when, and where. But one thing is for sure: that in the midst of uncertainty, a mask should be required for you to keep you and your loved ones safe and at ease! We’re not here to talk about the science, though. Rather, we want to give you a link to an Etsy page which has tons of nifty designs and styles for you to match! Not only are handmade masks more affordable in the long-run, they are more effective and can be suited to your aesthetic! We may not know how long this will all last, but we always promote safe and healthy lifestyles here on the Bel Aire Terrace blog and what better way to do that then to say go out and get yourself a comfortable, affordable, and stylish mask!

Find them all here: