Accent Walls: Making A Statement

Since the early 2000’s, accent walls have gone in and out of popularity, but we believe that it is a great way to create distinction in a space that is yours! So in this short entry, we want to invite you to put your artistic hats on with us and decide if whether or not you are ready to take the leap and accent your house with color!

Use accent walls to break up the space of a room

Having a home that is all one color, unless you intend to outfit it with many decorations, pictures, and such, can make the space feel a bit 2 dimensional. Adding an accent wall can bring depth to a room overall by just having one or two.

Use accent walls to highlight central features of your home

When an accent wall is used strategically, it can draw your eye’s attention to whatever is in front of it. From furniture, to pictures to a distinct architectural feature, accent walls will highlight that home’s distinct feature!

Use accent walls to distinguish a space with a purpose

Playing off of the last point, having an accent wall can not only break up a room and highlight it’s key features, but can also pose as the backdrop for that wall. Having a theme of framed pictures on that wall or a piece of pottery or a family heirloom in front can speak volumes to guests. When they walk in and see the color pop, they will discern that wall and its contents have intentional purpose!

We hope this entry has helped get the pot brewing in your creative mind as we tackled different and special ways you can outfit your home with an accent wall! Daring to be bold will allow your space to feel more distinct, intentional, and overall, more you!